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COVID-19 Vaccines & Treatments (India)

Developer Researcher Vaccine Candidate Phase
Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Cadila Healthcare Ltd. CTRI/2020/07/026352
Green Signal Biopharma Ltd. JIPMER. CTRI/2020/04/024833
Serum institute of India & AstraZeneca. University of Oxford. CTRI/2020/04/024749
Serum Institute of India. National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis . CTRI/2020/06/025854
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.. CSIR. CTRI/2020/04/024846
Haffkine Institute for Training Research & Testing . Haffkine Institute for Training Research & Testing . CTRI/2020/05/025013
Bharat Biotech International Limited. ICMR - National Institute of Virology, Pune. CTRI/2020/07/026300

Coronavirus Vaccine Update News

Coronavirus India Live Updates: With 90,802 new cases, infections cross 42 lakh mark; metro services resume today
Published Date: 4/12/2021 8:38:41 AM

Coronavirus India Live Updates: With 90,802 new cases, infections cross 42 lakh mark; metro services resume today

Coronavirus (Covid-19) India News Live Updates: With 90,802 new cases reported in the last 24 hours, the tally in India has now breached the 42 lakh mark. The toll stands at 71,642 with 1016 deaths reported on Sunday.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi |Updated: September 7, 2020 11:12:32 am
A passenger on the Delhi Metro. Metro services resumed after a gap of five months (Source: Twitter/DMRC)

Coronavirus India News Live Updates: For the second day in a row, India has added more than 90,000 infections. With 90,802 new cases reported in the last 24 hours, the tally in India has now breached the 42 lakh mark. Of the 42,04,614 cases, over 32 lakh patients have been discharged, while nearly 8.9 lakh infections are still active. The toll stands at 71,642 with 1016 deaths reported on Sunday. Only the United States, where more than 61 lakh people have so far been found to be infected, is ahead of India. Haryana leader Deepender Hooda, Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac are among the politicians who tested positive on Sunday.

After five months of suspension, metro rail services resumed in selected parts of the country. With facemasks and social distancing protocols being mandatory, only asymptomatic people will be allowed to board the trains. Tokens or cash transactions are discouraged and only smartcards are allowed in many cities. Based on central guidelines, the metro authorities of Delhi, Noida, Chennai, Kochi, Bengaluru, Mumbai Line-1, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Maha Metro (Nagpur), Kolkata, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh have prepared their standard operating procedures. Maharashtra will not be resuming the metro operation this month.

In other news, the Russian research institute has now submitted “comprehensive data” on the safety and efficacy of Sputnik V vaccine to Indian authorities. As this “comprehensive data” is evaluated by experts in India, one option, sources said, is to have a separate Phase 3 clinical trial after necessary approvals from regulators here. In fact, according to the official Sputnik V website, run by sovereign wealth fund Russian Direct Investment Fund, Russia plans to conduct Phase 3 clinical trials in many countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil, and the Philippines.

China approves emergency usage of COVID-19 vaccines developed by select companies
Published Date: 4/12/2021 8:38:41 AM

The number of people being vaccinated on an urgent basis may reach hundreds of thousands across China, an immunology expert said

Press Trust of India Sept 02, 2020 22:54:41 IST
China approves emergency usage of COVID-19 vaccines developed by select companies

    Beijing: China has authorised emergency usage of COVID-19 vaccines developed by some select domestic companies, a Chinese health official has said.

    An emergency use authorisation, which is based on Chinese vaccine management law, allows unapproved vaccine candidates to be used among people who are at high risk of getting infected on a limited period.

    "We've drawn up a series of plan packages, including medical consent forms, side-effects monitoring plans, rescuing plans, compensation plans, to make sure that the emergency use is well regulated and monitored," Zheng Zhongwei, head of China's coronavirus vaccine development task force, told state-run CCTV on Saturday.

    One month has passed since China officially launched the urgent use of COVID-19 vaccines on 22 July, while the vaccines were going through clinical trials, Zheng said.

    Recipients who got their first dose since then revealed they had few adverse reactions and none reported a fever.

    According to China's Law on Vaccine Management, when a particularly severe public health emergency occurs, vaccines in clinical trials can be used in a limited scope to protect medical and epidemic prevention personnel, border officers and other people working in stable city operations, Zheng said.

    State-run Global Times has previously reported that employees of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) preparing to go abroad and frontline medics have been offered two choices of domestic inactivated vaccine candidates developed by Sinopharm for urgent use.

    On Thursday and Friday, Sinopharm signed cooperation agreements on phase III clinical trials of inactivated vaccines with Peru, Morocco and Argentina.

    Zheng noted that for the next step of preventing a possible outbreak this autumn and winter, vaccines' availability will be extended to people working in food markets, transport systems and services industries.

    The number of people being vaccinated on an urgent basis may reach hundreds of thousands across China, considering that personnel in wider sectors are being offered free injections, said Tao Lina, a Shanghai-based immunology expert, on Sunday.

    "But it's difficult to give an accurate figure since the Chinese military has begun mass vaccinations but has not released details," Tao said..

    Wu, an employee of a state-owned company handling overseas construction projects along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Asian and African countries, told the Global Times on Sunday that all staff in her firm have been offered inactivated vaccine injections on a voluntary basis for free.

    Wu, who took the vaccine on 7 August along with many of her colleagues, said she did not experience any adverse reactions, similar to everyone else in her group.

    "My colleagues and I felt only a little dizzy on the afternoon of the vaccination, but we got over it pretty quickly. There was no local redness, swelling or pain, and we did not hear of anyone reporting a fever," said Wu, who will take her second dose on day 28 after the first shot.

    "People seem to be relaxed over the vaccination as most of us feel confident in domestically developed vaccines," she said.

    One of Sinopharm's inactivated COVID-19 vaccines on August 13 was revealed to have had a low rate of adverse reactions for patients in phase I and II clinical trials, while also demonstrating immunogenicity results.

    The inactivated vaccine will be effective against all detected strains of the virus at least as of mid-July, with lower chances and degrees of adverse reactions than same-type vaccine candidates under research, Yang Xiaoming, head of Sinopharm, told the Global Times in an earlier interview.

    Yang said on Saturday that more than 20,000 people in the United Arab Emirates had taken inactivated COVID-19 vaccines developed by Sinopharm in phase III clinical trials, which have shown a high level of safety. The efficacy of the vaccine is under observation.

    "The phase III trial in the UAE has had no reported cases of side effects so far," Yang said, adding that "volunteers joined faster than expected and the vaccine was well worth the wait".

    Coronavirus News August 30 highlights: Number of tests conducted goes past 4.14 crore in India; Congress leader Vasanthakumar laid to rest
    Published Date: 4/12/2021 8:38:41 AM

    India's COVID-19 tally raced past 35 lakh with despite a steady decline in the positivity rate. As per the latest health ministry data, the total number of COVID-19 cases rose to 35,42,733, while the death toll due to the disease climbed to 63,498. However, the COVID-19 case fatality rate has declined to 1.79 percent in the country.There are 7,65,302 active coronavirus cases in the country currently, which account for 21.6 percent of the total caseload, the ministry data showed. The recovery rate too now has improved to 76.61 percent with the numbers crossing the 27 lakh mark.

    Coronavirus: India sees nearly two million cases in August
    Published Date: 4/12/2021 8:38:41 AM

    A health worker collects a swab sample from a woman for Covid-19 rapid antigen test in New Delhi, IndiaIMAGE COPYRIGHTGETTY IMAGES
    image captionIndia sees nearly two million coronavirus cases in August
    India has reported nearly two million Covid-19 cases in August, the highest monthly tally in the world since the pandemic began.
    August was also the worst month for fatalities with 28,000 virus deaths.
    With 3.6 million confirmed cases, India has the third-highest caseload in the world, after the US and Brazil.
    The government continues to lift restrictions to try to boost an economy that lost millions of jobs because of a strict lockdown which began in March.
    In August, India saw an average of 64,000 cases per day - an 84% hike from average daily cases in July, according to official data.
    This number is the highest in the world - for example, the US, which has the most number of cases, saw 47,000 daily cases on average last month.
    The spike in numbers comes as the country expands its testing amid concerns that the virus has started to spread in many rural areas as well.
    A sudden upsurge in new cases in four states - Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Orissa (Odisha) - has prompted the federal government to deploy teams there, local media reported.
    Maharashtra, the epicentre of the outbreak in India, continues to lead the pack with nearly 800,000 confirmed cases.
    India sees nearly two million cases in August
    Even though some states have rapidly ramped up their testing capabilities, India's testing rate - at around 32,000 tests per million - is still on the lower end of the spectrum.
    But India's recovery rate remains encouraging - out of every 100 confirmed cases, nearly 77 have recovered so far.
    Simultaneously, the number of deaths continues to be low - for every 100 confirmed cases, just under two have died from the virus.


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